7:00 AM
1:41 PM
Hey, where can I find a link for DM multiplayer client?
been searching for a while now..
5:06 PM
trying to connect for training atm, but steam is causing me problems..
5:13 PM
name is pinuzzo
5:08 PM
can someone hop over to dwarf crusade and kick a speedhacker?
11:10 AM
Most of the times we had clanwarses in CTF, yes. However, we had one clanwar in Crusade mode as well.
7:51 AM
EYE clan play only in CTF? (in clanwars)
6:10 PM
from time to time ^^
2:18 PM
Someone still play Dark Messiah??
8:33 PM
Where is Domain server (dark messiah)???!!
3:45 PM
3:44 PM
3:59 PM
Hi Anal:P
6:55 AM
I've noticed that our colosseum server bugs very often so you cannot fight. So I'd suggest to put a time limit (50 min for example) since there aren't duelings there very often.
9:56 AM
Shame :/ hope you get back soon!
4:52 PM
Without net connection for an unknown period of time.
9:17 PM
hey folks^^ greetz to EYE. gl with the [HBD] guys =)
10:41 AM
Well I finally reorganized my room ... computer and bed are away from the window tongue no moar sun :)))
3:08 PM
i dont wake up by the sun xD only my clock can make me wake up
11:18 AM
i like to be waked up by the sun :O
8:50 AM
Damn this early hour ... always sun shining directly into my face ..
8:36 AM
Echo echo echo ..
5:27 PM
hey^^(do i know you? :p)
3:10 PM
8:08 PM
guess im tha last... Happy Birthday !!!
9:48 AM
Thanks :3
6:17 PM
xD I know it's a little bit late...
6:15 PM
Happy clan's birthday !
7:56 PM
please ^^
7:55 PM
someone read the joining clan folder, in my thread, so that everyone knows
4:20 PM
gah tomorrow... busy busy busy >.<
7:59 PM
10:19 AM
*cough* speaking of slow answers
11:53 AM
Define "slow".
12:20 PM
Why is this clan so slow? sad
11:44 AM
No.. Everyone go read my come-back thread in recruiting section of english forums
8:33 PM
Everybody, go read L4D thread in "Other Games" section of the forum.
1:46 PM
Gaahh.. 3 weeks without inet, damn this router of mine..
9:19 AM
Quite busy with school right now >.< , even so i want to play more, its not easy right now...
11:51 AM
9:28 PM
Hey there Dwarfy, haven't seen you much lately :P
9:23 PM
Hoi Tural ad Borbel
8:34 PM
But even so our forums not doing sooo well these days...
8:34 PM
We had quite a grow in the International Branch :O
1:02 PM
Good to see new guys, welcome.
9:29 AM
Yeah, welcome smile
4:15 PM
Hi, all im the new clan member and I hope we will have a good time together!
7:53 PM
After thinking it over, I asked Turalyon to rejoin EYE. I get back my old General rank. A pleasure to play mroe often with you guys again.
6:11 PM
I thought ther would be a Clanwars on the 14th of December ? what happened guys ? Turalyon where were you ?
7:19 AM
Gratz to [EYE]-Domains. May ou step to AoC will move some more ppl, to play DM :D