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How many players should we have on our clanswarses on ctf maps?
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year was good: we met a lot of new friends!

Let me wish you happiness (stamina, mana and especially HP!) and a lot of new victories in game and in real!



Views: 606 | Added by: Borbel | Date: 2007-12-31 | Comments (0)

Clanwar [EYE] vs =CoD= finnished

Date :   December 9th, Sunday

Time : 19:00 GMT

Server : |RB| Server

Mode: CTF 7 vs 7
Map: CTF3
 Discussion is here
Clanwar finished, and we won it. Results in Clanwars. Summary section.
Views: 615 | Added by: Borbel | Date: 2007-12-06 | Comments (0)

We have started negotiations with |A-Omega|about forthcoming Clanwar.
Discussion is here and in |A-Omega's| forum
 Clanwar finished, and we won it. Results in Clanwars. Summary section.
Views: 604 | Added by: Borbel | Date: 2007-12-04 | Comments (0)

Rematch EYE vs [-CA-] is going to be on saturday presumably.

Date : November 10th, Saturday

Time : 17:00 GMT

Server : [-CA-] Server

Mode: CTF 8 vs 8
We have to arrange intra-tournament to understand which branch would take part in the clanwar.
Intra-tournament going to be on Friday November 9th, 19:00 GMT.
Discussion in the forum
Clanwar finished, and we won it. Results in Clanwars. Summary section.
Views: 629 | Added by: Borbel | Date: 2007-12-04 | Comments (0)

Clanwar |RB| vs [EYE] is going to be in one week.
Date : October 27th, Saturday

Time : 17:00 GMT

Server : |RB| Server

Mode: Capture the flag 8 vs 8

Clanwar finished, and we lost. Results in Clanwars. Summary section

Views: 588 | Added by: Turalyon | Date: 2007-12-04 | Comments (0)


1. Intra-branch trainings:

Yesterday, October, 6, the first intra-branch training (EYE-euro vs EYE-rus) took place. I think it was a nice experiment that helps us to understand  the tactics and strategy of team playing like in a real Clanwar. I think we should take part in such events more often. So let’s try to make these trainings regular. For example, every Saturday at 17 GMT. I hope we’ll see more people next time. If you have suggestions feel free to post them in our forum.

2. Promotions to higher ranks:

Bloodraven – is now a General (with all corresponding duties and benefits)

Delta – is now an Officer

Nazgul – is promoted to Ober-group. (As I promised, for defeating R2D2 in a duel (6:4)… R2 must be getting old ;)


3. The first intra-clan tournament:

We will have matches between our 2 branches. Branch that wins the tournament will represent EYE-clan at the next clan-wars.


Should you have any suggestions or want to discuss the news about the tournament - welcome to the forum.


Good luck, everyone!
Views: 602 | Added by: Borbel | Date: 2007-09-22 | Comments (0)

Steam Community

I advice all of the clan-mates to install a new feature of the Steam - «Steam Community». This is convenient and simple in use innovation with chat UI, etc. that helps to search which of your friends is online, without leaving the game. I have registered internal group "EYE-clan". Please, install «Steam Community» in your Steam. It will not take more than a few minutes to install. Then please inform me by PM and I will send invitations to the group. Should you have any questions concerning installation, ask me or Bloodraven, or post your questions at our forum.



Views: 583 | Added by: Borbel | Date: 2007-08-30 | Comments (0)

Greetings clan-mates! It’s high time we broadened our horizons! The English version of the web-site is now under construction.
We kindly ask all the registered users to repeat their registration at the English version of the site. We advise you to use the same account name and password to avoid any confusion.
Of course, new users are also welcome!
In the nearest future we plan clan-battles against two European clans. Let’s get ready!
Please, come back later for details.
Views: 594 | Added by: Borbel | Date: 2007-08-17 | Comments (0)

It finally happened! Our clan now has its own emblem. Our warriors look even cooler now.
You can have a better look at our logo is the gallery.
If you wish to share your opinion about our emblem, to express your admiration or to mock at us - welcome to our forum.
If you wish to have the emblem on your shield - contact Borbel or Nightwish
Views: 718 | Added by: Borbel | Date: 2007-08-17 | Comments (1)

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