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Forum » EYE Clan Forum » Questions and Suggestions » [TSH]-๖TG^-[EYE] server with name restriction rule?
[TSH]-๖TG^-[EYE] server with name restriction rule?
TuralyonDate: Saturday, 2011-02-26, 12:44 PM | Message # 31
Clan Protector
Group: Grandees
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Quote (Fuzz)
Idc about names, really xD

I'm not surprised, really.

Your reasoning is excellent -- it's only your basic assumptions that are wrong.
FuzzDate: Saturday, 2011-02-26, 2:58 PM | Message # 32
Rank VII
Group: Corporals
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i R Fuzz ftw! ^^ :P

Turalyon - "Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair, so fuzzy wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he!?"
tinyDate: Saturday, 2011-02-26, 4:56 PM | Message # 33
{KoD} Consul
Group: Embassy
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Abusive names i think should get kicked but ppl using the name "wut" or "lol" i think should not be kicked, it is our server but its also set to public, ppl should have the right to choose whatever they want as long as its not abusive to a player on the server. if a person on the server complaints about "lol" saying it insults him when he gets killed by that players, feir enough, ask the player to change it but if there’s no1 complaining and its not aimed at a precipice person or a abusive name (eg Fuck you) then i think it should be allowed. tongue

I cam I saw I conquered
DragonfighterDate: Saturday, 2011-02-26, 9:44 PM | Message # 34
Rank VI
Group: Corporals
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Quote (MightyMalcolm)
even with people kindly asked i'm quite sure most will just answer "lol? leave me alone!" (or sth similar)

probably more like "stfu N00B. and such nice language xD"

Quote (Jilako)
I still think that a good idea would be just to make propositions to players of changing their name to rp name (i guess tur can find a nice way to ask so)but without forcing them, and if many people do it , or "enjoy" it, we can turn it into a rule.

For da social Jil.
I think if you guys really want to try it, this would be the best way

What manner of man is a man, who's not trying to change the world?!
Forum » EYE Clan Forum » Questions and Suggestions » [TSH]-๖TG^-[EYE] server with name restriction rule?
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