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Forum » EYE Clan Forum » Questions and Suggestions » What has happened to Dark Messiah?
What has happened to Dark Messiah?
MasterOfAssDate: Sunday, 2012-06-10, 11:37 PM | Message # 1
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Hello guys,

today I came back from a hard day of lectures and thought: Some good hacking would be nice like in the good old times (I'm Ficken, btw).
What I found were 6 empty servers. Then I found this:

Well, after that I checked these forums and realized that there was kinda no "end". You went the way of the dodo bird like the Dwemer in Skyrim. There were people applying for this clan and from one day to the next this clan had died.

WTF happened?

I want Dark Messiah back! sad

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ArmedDate: Monday, 2012-06-18, 10:58 PM | Message # 2
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You know... I haven't been logging in this website since I've left [EYE]. I was just looking sometimes to see if someone wrote something. But nothing was happening. As I see, when I left clan everything went wrong. Server died. Game died (nearly). Even fanatic DMoM&M's gamers stopped playing. Quoting Agatha Christie's title of her book: 'Then There Were None'.

I want Dark Messiah back, tho. That's unfair. This game is, for me, one of the most underestimated games I have ever played, along with for example Divine Divinity or Shadow of the Colossus. I asked many times: why!? It's genious. People should leave shits (sorry for this word) such as InFamous or FIFA and see the real old-school.

By the way - I know how to hack DM, too. In game I tagged meself as 'troll'. ^^


"Heaven hides nothing in its measure,
Mortal men blinded by false treasure.
Formless and vanquished we shall travel,
Shield and faith will guide our battle."
TuralyonDate: Tuesday, 2012-06-26, 8:01 PM | Message # 3
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Well, I'm even surprised it lasted as long as it did.
I've started playing it more than a month after launch, which was in December 2006. At that time there were at least 20 running servers, all swarming with people (mostly in Crusade mode). Until about end of 2008, the game was really fun to play with a lot of competitive matches. After that, the game was still fun, but with way less players than there used to be, and way less interest from those that were considered "pro's" at the time. It went on like that for about a year or two, then all of the sudden people kept leaving dramatically and weird players joining. By weird players I mean people who played by hacking the servers (speedhackers mostly) and random Russians that called everybody idiots and raised lots of frustration among the players.
That was the point where most of the good players stopped playing and for the rest of us Dark Messiah soon became as a "Used to be awesome" game.
Before that year we all ignored those major bugs that caused us all to experience inner rage, ignored the random lag spikes, higher latency and stuff like that. As soon as the community shifted, so did the attitude towards the gameplay. Having a bad community compared to the previous one, having extra problems with lag and bugs was just too much for many people, so they started to take breaks from the game. We even had a clan-break before, because it became almost unbearable to play anymore.
A bit after, I renewed the clan, because there were still some people playing the game, and most of our former [EYE] members also felt nostalgia crawling up their ass. We've had two nice years of Dark Messiah during that, but it was nothing compared to what it used to be.
I needed something to keep our members in the game and still keep them entertained. I created so called "trainings", which were basically just games between our clan members - because a clanwar was rarely existing anymore, and even if there was one, there'd only be against players we see every day.
That went well for a while, it kept people at the game, and they still enjoyed playing it because the community was chosen and limited by us.

Lag and lag spikes became bigger, bugs didn't go away, so the frustration grew bigger. For the last year I was listening from everyone complaining about those things, because seeing other games - WoW, Battlefield, Counter Strike, and many many others, knowing that they are just better. Why? Only because of a lot less bugs, supported servers, higher amount of people, better community and last but not least, lag.

Even though I consider Dark Messiah one of the best games ever created, the frustration during playing it at this time, is not worth it.
After days of complaints from various players, people stopped coming to trainings, so it became less fun for those that did. Rarely we've seen a full 8+ people join the training where we could have a proper match against each other.
We've tried recruiting multiple times in the past, but it just didn't make it good enough anymore.
Again, all the good players decided to stop and so did I.

I've noticed there are still some players playing the game (also some from the [EYE] clan), and all I can do is wish you having an nice time playing it.
I've also tried (multiple times) contacting Ubisoft for them to remove some bugs, put some servers on, them to motivate Steam to reduce game's price, and so on. I've had only one reply from them, and it was to where I stated that we tried "fixing" the game ourselves with addons and tools to remove certain bugs, and where I also asked if they plan on making "Elements" a PC game anytime in the future. They've replied to me only that they're glad about us finding a way of removing some bugs, and that we're probably have done more than the support team for the game. They also said they will consider opening the game to that point, that certain people will be able to reconfigure the game via patches and install them on the servers.
They've also said that their consideration will most likely lead to doing nothing (seems I've got a reply from a quite realistic fellow), but they will try.

I would also want to make something clear though - don't blame it on me.
When you will ever lead a clan for over 4 years, keeping its members motivated, keeping the clan's agenda unchanged, personally recruiting new players and making sure they are considered as real members by teaching them what you know, paying for the server, having long debates with others to decide what is best in a certain situation (and also refuting your own desire), keeping a motivated face, and lots more, then feel free to try and blame me for clan's inactivity.
But I know something for a fact, I've kept the clan alive for longer than most of you would have and kept the clan's agenda the same. I've also done a lot more than it was required of me.

Your reasoning is excellent -- it's only your basic assumptions that are wrong.
JilakoDate: Tuesday, 2012-06-26, 9:39 PM | Message # 4
Rank VII
Group: Generals
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WTF happened?

If you're really Ficken, and not a wannabe, then, what happened? People like you. Don't be surprised if a game stops being used when there are plenty of idiots needing to cheat to be able to face people.
If it is to see it filled by idiots such as Ficken, then I prefer Dmomm dead. People like [tsh]mightymalcolm got forced to work on addons to prevent such pests to play, wasting time which could have been used to improve the game instead.

Also, Dmomm got many deadlike times, but thanks to great people (or fanatics, as armed called them), the game get through it because we didn't stop playing it. I'm glad to have been one of them and to see Dmomm getting slightly better again, but then,it got swarmed by scum, pretending to know everything , calling everybody cheaters, or even cheating themselves. Oh yes, it was fun to kick those idiots and to see that in the end, malcolm's anti hackers had worked nicely, considering that ficken and his retarded friends no more appeared on the server, but so much time got wasted because of those idiots. Many players which could have been good, or simply be nice players, got disgusted by such retards that they stopped coming on EYE and TSH server.

So, rather leave Dmomm dead, than filled by scum.

L'enfer, c'est les autres.
MightyMalcolmDate: Thursday, 2012-09-20, 8:56 AM | Message # 5
Group: Embassy
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so true *hugs jil*

also, there are other games that don't come up with a new bug every 2nd day and need the community to patch them up. who has time for that? i'll stick to games in the future that actually get supported by their publishers, but as soon as one will come close to DM, i'll be sure to check it out.

so long guys, i'll see you there wink

Applause from the audience, please!

Message edited by MightyMalcolm - Thursday, 2012-09-20, 8:59 AM
JimmyPageDate: Friday, 2012-10-19, 11:09 PM | Message # 6
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I didn't play that game for very long but it was sure fun. Thanks for everything you've done, Turalyon smile

“I may not believe in myself, but I believe in what I'm doing.” Jimmy Page
PrestonDate: Sunday, 2012-11-04, 3:01 PM | Message # 7
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I hosted a server "Last Hope" . It was mainly for polish people, coz we didnt have any polish servers here. I had steam group with 145 members, who would like to play on it. Then problems started. I had per 1 day about 10 crashes. It happened with other servers too. It was so annoying. Yesterday that retard crashed all servers and there werent any servers in server browser.
I called my server "Last Hope" coz I wanted to bring dark messiah back, but i dissapointed. I can tell you know that i lost my patience, time and money for my server. I tried to protect it, but this content was useless.
How great would be this game nowadays without cheaters, crashers and with steam support and updates. Now i can fairly leave this game and I wouldnt come back to it.

The crasher is probably from Incorporated server called Wey or Thriada. He did it to force all players to join his server. I heard from my friend that on Incorporated server website was an annoucement about it. He was asking for good ddos programs to crash servers and then he got all players to his server. Its really strange , coz on this moment Inocorporated is alone and doesnt crash.

Message edited by Preston - Sunday, 2012-11-04, 5:10 PM
Forum » EYE Clan Forum » Questions and Suggestions » What has happened to Dark Messiah?
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