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Forum » EYE Clan Forum » Joining the Clan » Dragonfighter wants to join...
Dragonfighter wants to join...
DragonfighterDate: Sunday, 2009-08-09, 1:27 AM | Message # 1
Rank VI
Group: Corporals
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Hi all
My in-game nickname is Dragonfighter. I come from Germany so my English isnt really good wink . Most time I play as Archer but I like to play as warrior or Assassin as well. Sometimes I play mage too but i dont like it so much....
You can contact me in ICQ:407-211-070 and my email is :
My Steam ID is Benny_1993_
My gaming experience? mmh... I play Dark Messiah since it cames out, but that was Singelplayer. I play multiplayer for 6 1/2 months. So i would say that i have some experiences....
My name is Benjamin but Benny sounds better i think^^ Im 15 years old. And I really like Dark Messiah... Why I wanna jion EYE? Mmmh because EYE is a clan with nice and fair players. And I played very often on EYE servers so I like them more than the other server....xD And before i tried to jion EYE I tried to jion the clan DG (Drachengilde) but they told me they wouldnt play anymore Dark Messiah. That makes me said that some Clans dont play Dark Messiah anymore.... So i hope if I can jion EYE, I can help to save Dark Messiah. And of course that I have fun^^ Because it is more fun to play with other players than to play alone. smile

Who can vouch for me? Mmh
I played some warrior duels with EYE Bambam and he said that im good, but if he really would vouch for me? I didnt ask him.....
And today I played some little warrior duels with EYE Orc too...but I dont think that he would vouch for me because of this little duels..
So I havent anyone who can really vouch for me I think....

And normally I play Dark Messiah 2-3 hours a day...but if friends play with me i play longer.... At the weekend I play the most time DM... And the GMT +3 isnt a problem for me^^

And sorry for bad English wink

Greetings Benny^^

What manner of man is a man, who's not trying to change the world?!

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-Virus-Date: Sunday, 2009-08-09, 8:25 AM | Message # 2
Rank II
Group: Volunteers
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haven't seen ya, so no vouch from me... but i hope orc and bambam will vouch for ya ^^
TuralyonDate: Sunday, 2009-08-09, 8:53 AM | Message # 3
Clan Protector
Group: Grandees
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Doesn't matter, I've seen you play, and I vouch for you smile
It is true that always when I saw you play, there was BobSlasher aswell. You two seem like good friends.

And since we're little low on our members, and since you are good and I think your skills will even develop, I will let you inside the clan.
And as far as I don't like to seperate friends, I'm going to let BobSlasher join us aswell. Welcome both.

Your reasoning is excellent -- it's only your basic assumptions that are wrong.
Forum » EYE Clan Forum » Joining the Clan » Dragonfighter wants to join...
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