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To join the [EYE]-clan
TuralyonDate: Saturday, 2011-01-22, 12:38 PM | Message # 1
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The [EYE] clan is becoming active once more, and to achieve that goal, we have opened our recruitment again.

This is a recruitment forum for DMoMM only. Even though we play other games, we are recruiting through this game alone.

If you thought the matter through and are thinking of joining our clan, there are certain rules you have to follow and a specific form that you have to fill in.
We require of you to understand and speak English, that you are mature (not necessarily by age), can receive critics and that you're able to follow these rules once you're a member of a clan.

Since we had bad experiences with some of our members (for example, people that didn't stay active after they joined in, people that proved to be unpleasant, etc ...), we are making our rules and terms of joining more strict and thorough.

You can get accepted only if you have been asked by one of our clan members to make an application. However, we will also check other applications and maybe accept those that are very eager to join.
To join our clan you need to get approval from [EYE] clan leader and at least 2 Generals (out of 3). Other members are allowed to vouch as well, and their opinion will be taken into account. To achieve these votes, you either have to be a very close friend to at least one of them (while other do not disapprove), or that you received a trial. A trial is a phase where 2 or more people from this clan play with you for a moderate amount of time, to see if you have skills or have potential to achieve it.
If you are a former [EYE] member and currently in a different clan, or if you're just in a different clan, and trying to join our clan, there will be discussion about it. I will not accept players from another clan if they do not get their clan-leader's permission to make an application here.

If you will make a new topic about joining our clan, it has to consist of this information:
(Answer as thorough as possible. Places marked with * have to be answered and not left blank (unless you do not understand a question, then we'll talk about it in responses to your topic), while others are optional.)
- *Your real name:
- *Your age:
- *Where do you live?:
- *Your in-game name:
- *Your contact information (e-mail):
- *Your STEAM-ID (if you do not like to share this information with just anyone from this clan, leave it blank and send me a PM with this information):
- Which class(es) you like to play the most? (start with the favorite one):
- *What kind of style of play do you prefer? (Do you like to play co-operative with a friend, do you like to solo them all!, or are you open to both?):
- At what times and days do you usually play?:
- *Why did you choose our clan instead of others?:
- *List your previous clans and why you left:
- *Do you have a working microphone?:
- *Tell us more about yourself:
- Can you speak any other language except for English?:

It can take up to 3 days for us to check your application.

This clan is becoming a Social clan, which means that any disagreement between members will be taken into account of the actions that will follow. In the application itself, it is enough that one member disagrees with the joining of the applicant (may he be a general or lower ranked member) for him to be rejected, if the argument is solid.

Threads with too few information, spams, inappropriate words and similar will most likely be deleted.

Your reasoning is excellent -- it's only your basic assumptions that are wrong.
Forum » EYE Clan Forum » Joining the Clan » To join the [EYE]-clan
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