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Forum » EYE Clan Forum » Joining the Clan » Sir boner_chronicles wants to join the clan
Sir boner_chronicles wants to join the clan
ShimatDate: Saturday, 2013-07-06, 10:31 PM | Message # 1
Rank I
Group: Volunteers
Messages: 1
Reputation: 0
Status: Offline
- *Your real name:  Philipp
- *Your age: 21
- *Where do you live?: Russia, Moscow
- *Your in-game name: Sir boner_chronicles
- *Your contact information:
- *Your STEAM-ID: Sir boner_chronicles
Which class(es) you like to play the most?: Knight/Vanguard/Man at Arms/Archer
- *What kind of style of play do you prefer?: I like co-op more, because of all the luls you get playing with buddies, lone wolfing is ok too, though
At what times and days do you usually play?: GMT+3 (Moscow time) Anywhere between 1 PM to 4 AM
- *Why did you choose our clan instead of others?: Dueled with some of your clan members, liked their style. I am looking to improve, so having EYE members by my side looked appealing :>
- *List your previous clans and why you left: None, I'm fairly new!
- *Do you have a working microphone?: Yes, my lord
- *Tell us more about yourself: I have a background of playing lots of MMO and RTS games such as WoW, FF, Ragnarok Online 1-2 (kRO). and many more. I could share some IRL info too, but I'm pretty sure you'll ask yourself if I get approved :>
Can you speak any other language except for English?: Russian, obviously

Misc: I think of myself as of a non-toxic and friendly person and I'm really looking to improve at this game!
FuzzDate: Sunday, 2013-11-17, 6:50 PM | Message # 2
Rank VII
Group: Corporals
Messages: 342
Reputation: 12
Status: Offline
I appologize, but the forums are dead... You can wait and hope for the best, and some1 will eventually handle your request (it'll not be me, but one of the higher ranked members). But don't be surprised if nothing really happens...

-Dead game, dead website.

Turalyon - "Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair, so fuzzy wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he!?"
van_EmriesDate: Monday, 2013-12-23, 4:50 PM | Message # 3
Biggest EYE fan
Group: Volunteers
Messages: 23
Reputation: 0
Status: Offline
EYE forum is more active than KoD forum wink DM is dead but few players still playing and would be nice if all old players will play together one day.
Forum » EYE Clan Forum » Joining the Clan » Sir boner_chronicles wants to join the clan
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