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Main » 2008 » October » 15 » We are forming a new «Age of Chivalry» squad.
We are forming a new «Age of Chivalry» squad.
11:34 AM
We are forming a new «Age of Chivalry» squad.

This mod is a kind of medieval team-play  “First Person Slasher” with an exiting system of enemy territory siege.

There are three main classes available: (Archer - Best used in support of other classes, deadly from range, weak in melee., Footmen - The Fastest and most well-rounded class in the game, and Knight - The Mammoth of Battle, these bastards can take a beating. They are however, slow moving and therefore vulnerable to ranged weaponry) then further into 3 more "subclasses" for each class.
Each class has a variety of ranged and melee weapons.
The fight style is something in between “Blade of Darkness” and “Dark Messiah”. The siege system is much more complex and diversified than in DMoMM. Besides the siege towers, there are also catapults, ballistae, siege ladders, trebuchets, boiling oil and more!  
“Capture the flag ” and  “Deathmatch” are also available for playing!

Mod «Age of Chivalry» is free of charge and can be downloaded via STEAM in MODS section. The only thing you need to have is an activated key for one of the SOURCE-engine games.

You can learn more about «Age of Chivalry» by visiting its official site or reading the manual.

So, if you’d like to join - discussion is in our forum.
Probably it will breathe a new life into our [EYE] clan.

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