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How many players should we have on our clanswarses on ctf maps?
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All [EYE] members need to follow these rules, with no exceptions: 

 1.) Players can wear [EYE] tag in front of their names in any game they play. However, telling people about our clan's recruitment is allowed only in DMoMM.

 2.) Players can never wear other clan's tags in DMoMM. Such actions will proceed to further discussion and maybe even ban from the clan. 

 3.) You are allowed to use [EYE] shield logo only when you are told from higher ranked members (in other words, when you reach higher rank yourself).

 4.) It is advisable for members to read news on the forums, so they stay active and keep up with the news. Updates on upcoming clanwarses will be notified on Main Page as well, however stuff like times of trainings, new members and suggestions will be displayed in forums only.

 5.) In forums you can talk about threads that are already on or you can make new ones concerning the game DMoMM, computer problems, hobbies, fun and similar stuff. Do not ever post threads (or responses on any threads) about racism, nationalism and other harsh similarities. Try to stay polite and don't accuse anyone of abusive actions unless you're certain of it. And if you are, try to have a conversation about it with leader or generals of the clan. 

 6.) While playing in-game try not to "punish" your teammate for his accidental teamkill - try to forgive or if you have to, warn. It gives the nice image for the entire clan.

 7.) Do not insult people in-game. If he misunderstood, try to apologize. If you offend people, whole clan will bear the consequences on your behalf, and they will remember the whole clan as irrespective, impolite, offending people that are in it. Try not to use words such as NOOB, TEAMKILLER!!!! or SLASHER. This kind of word usage only tells others that you are having a hard time dealing with such people, making you vulnerable to further level of aggression. So called "noobs" are usually players that do not play the game for a long time, so they might have a hard time understanding the game as it is - give them a useful suggestion instead of harsh words. Even if they will not listen to only you, it might invoke other people to do the same. However, if you are playing against people that feed themselves on other's suffering (players that like to spam chat, mock other people, team-kill on purpose, ...), I suggest you try to do something exactly opposite of what you're currently doing (specially if you are not on the votekick, voteban, votemute servers).

Long story short, be literate, polite and tolerant, it is shown on your own intellect. 
In any situation, keep being honest and noble fighter.

 8.) Do not use provocative or ill-meaning names.

 9.) It is forbidden to use programs and files, that are giving you advantage over the enemy players (cheats), it is causing shame to our entire clan. 
Players have to participate in clan activities, help clan develop and keep the clan active.

 10.) Any disagreement between members, any inappropriate behavior towards others (may they be casual players in-game, other clan members or members of another clan) or not following the point 8.), will result in specific actions that may lead to kicking out of the clan.

 11.) Try your best to help the clan and your teammates in-game.

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