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Our survey
How many players should we have on our clanswarses on ctf maps?
Total of answers: 136

Clanwar [EYE] vs [TSH]
Date : 27th of May
Time : 18:00 GMT+1
Server : [TSH]-๖TG^-[EYE]-Clanserver
Mode: CTF, 6 vs 6, all five classes + one random (which cannot be a priest)
Map: CTF_2 (3 rounds of 20 minutes)

Discussion about this CW is in both forums. Here is a link to [TSH] forum and a link to [EYE] forum.

The ClanWar has ended, [EYE] won with  13:0. Results can be viewed in ClanWar Section.

Views: 2902 | Added by: Turalyon | Date: 2011-05-11 | Comments (2)

There has been discussion between the Generals about promoting our former [EYE] members to Corporal rank, because they deserved it before and it seems the most fair for them to have it once more.

So, congratz Dragonfighter, Hell, i R Fuzz, Plower and StB on gaining the next rank and I'm happy to announce that you are able to participate in our upcoming Clanwars that will be arranged in the future.

With your new rank you are also able to view our Private forum once more, where our new strategies will be posted. For the new password, contact me through Steam.

Views: 2350 | Added by: Turalyon | Date: 2011-01-27 | Comments (4)

After a few months of our clan being inactive as a whole, I think it's time to make it alive again.

We will start small, with only a few chosen players and expand over time. I have also changed the requirements to join our clan (which can be viewed here). They have become quite strict and they might change once we grow a little larger.

After we gather enough people to form our official group, we will join ๖TG^ and [TSH] in their clanwarses, trainings and other fun stuff.

Any announcements on other forums, in-game and alike are helpful for us to get noticed once more.

Alongside me, Jilako and Bambam will help me create a fun, communicative, helpful and strong environment for all those who will join us in the following months.

Views: 1971 | Added by: Turalyon | Date: 2011-01-22 | Comments (9)

Clanwar [EYE] vs [TSH]
Date : N/A
Time : N/A
Server : [EYE] Domain
Mode: CTF, 6 vs 6, all five classes + one random (which cannot be a priest)
Map: CTF_2

Discussion about this CW is in both forums. Here is a link to TSH forum and a link to EYE forum.

Views: 2720 | Added by: Turalyon | Date: 2009-10-01 | Comments (0)

Clanwar [EYE] vs [HBD]
Date : September 19th, Saturday
Time : 16:00 GMT
Server : [EYE] Domain
Mode: CTF, 5 vs 5, all classes
Map: CTF3

Discussion is on our forum

Clanwar has finished. We lost 1:0. More info in Clanwars Summary section.

Views: 2100 | Added by: Borbel | Date: 2009-09-14 | Comments (3)

I think it's a high time to put down the rules for our ingame servers even in writing. I will try to put an announcement on our servers aswell, so there won't be any excuses that they didn't know the rules. Not following the rules will result in a first warning, which is a kick. Second warning is also a kick, but the third warning is a ban for 1 day to permanent. If there is any way you do not agree with our rules for the server, by all means ask why we set the ones you don't agree to, or simply change the server you are playing on.

Here is the list of rules, things you must not do on our server:

-Using bunny-hops. A bunny-hopping is considered when a person uses multiple jumping either forwards or backwards to escape a charging enemy. Bunny hopping is not allowed because it increases your speed, that results in evading your enemies with ease, and therefore we come to a contradiction. If a simple mage uses bunny hops, a fully stamina boosted warrior cannot reach him, therefore not even hurt him. Mage on the other hand, while bhopping can shoot the enemies. In short words, you can do this: SPACE + SPACE + SPACE + SPACE (where SPACE is on default for jump), but you must not do this: CTRL+SPACE + CTRL+SPACE + CTRL+SPACE (where SPACE stands for jump and CTRL for crounch).

-Using bugs. There are a lot of bugs in DMoMM, and exploiting those bugs gives you the advantage over other players. One of the known bugs is using 2 different arrows as an archer and changing between them to shoot faster. There is also multiple lightning with a mage class, that results in hitting your enemy more than one times. Using bugs goes down with only one warning (kick) and if the person using the bugs does not stop, he gets a ban for 1 day. If you do not know if the thing you are using is a bug or not, visit one of our forum threads and check the bugs we have found untill now. We will try to update that thread. *Link*

-Using binds. Using binds that result of giving you the advantage over others is not allowed. There are a few binds known, one is using double bombs as an assassin, to easily kill any class, even with a stoneskin on it, while letting you escape the explosion ... mage using more than one lightning at the time, that is not considered as a bug, but as a bind (do not mix these two, please).

-Using hacks. Those individuals who were caught using the speed hack have been banned from from our servers. I must stress once again that we are opposed to hacking and cheating of any kind and are dedicated to maintaining a fair environment on our server. This will serve as a final warning to others who are considering using the speed hack. If you are caught using it, you will be banned without question. There will be no kick warnings.

-Offending people. I understand that everybody can offend a friend or just to provoke someone or to call him unskilled. But we will not tolerate insulting people without any reason to it. Things can always be resolved by a simple talking to the person you're addressing, and does not have to end with an angry feeling. Of course there are times where people are angry and they insult others, but as you all know there are also some kind of people that insult for fun. A kick warning will follow.

-Spamming in chat window or spamming emotes while playing (making your teamates less focused - if they complain, the rules apply that you follow their complainment and stop that action).

-Killing teamates on purpose. With this action you take away the fun of other players on that server, making them less interested in the game.

-Killing too many of your own team and not apologizing.

-Suiciding so the person attacking you could not get a level.

-If you are afk (away from keyboard) for more than one whole map (by afk we mean you are not watching the events, you are simply taking a spot on the server) and if the server is full, you can get a kick for it because there are other people that want to get on the server at the precise moment, whereas you aren't. Of course if you go take a snack or anything like that, you can be back in 30 minutes or so. If you go eat lunch that might take about an hour, please do others a favor and leave the server for the time being. If you are afraid of losing your levels, don't be, because if you are not on the server less than 2 hours and a half, you do not lose your levels at all.

If there is any certain way that an [EYE] admin is not satisfied with your attitude or gameplay (8vs8, 6 mages in one team while the other has only 1 mage ... noone wants to swap a team) he has the permission to kick someone.

Views: 3359 | Added by: Turalyon | Date: 2009-08-23 | Comments (23)

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