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Main » 2009 » August » 23 » [EYE] Domain server rules
[EYE] Domain server rules
8:37 PM

I think it's a high time to put down the rules for our ingame servers even in writing. I will try to put an announcement on our servers aswell, so there won't be any excuses that they didn't know the rules. Not following the rules will result in a first warning, which is a kick. Second warning is also a kick, but the third warning is a ban for 1 day to permanent. If there is any way you do not agree with our rules for the server, by all means ask why we set the ones you don't agree to, or simply change the server you are playing on.

Here is the list of rules, things you must not do on our server:

-Using bunny-hops. A bunny-hopping is considered when a person uses multiple jumping either forwards or backwards to escape a charging enemy. Bunny hopping is not allowed because it increases your speed, that results in evading your enemies with ease, and therefore we come to a contradiction. If a simple mage uses bunny hops, a fully stamina boosted warrior cannot reach him, therefore not even hurt him. Mage on the other hand, while bhopping can shoot the enemies. In short words, you can do this: SPACE + SPACE + SPACE + SPACE (where SPACE is on default for jump), but you must not do this: CTRL+SPACE + CTRL+SPACE + CTRL+SPACE (where SPACE stands for jump and CTRL for crounch).

-Using bugs. There are a lot of bugs in DMoMM, and exploiting those bugs gives you the advantage over other players. One of the known bugs is using 2 different arrows as an archer and changing between them to shoot faster. There is also multiple lightning with a mage class, that results in hitting your enemy more than one times. Using bugs goes down with only one warning (kick) and if the person using the bugs does not stop, he gets a ban for 1 day. If you do not know if the thing you are using is a bug or not, visit one of our forum threads and check the bugs we have found untill now. We will try to update that thread. *Link*

-Using binds. Using binds that result of giving you the advantage over others is not allowed. There are a few binds known, one is using double bombs as an assassin, to easily kill any class, even with a stoneskin on it, while letting you escape the explosion ... mage using more than one lightning at the time, that is not considered as a bug, but as a bind (do not mix these two, please).

-Using hacks. Those individuals who were caught using the speed hack have been banned from from our servers. I must stress once again that we are opposed to hacking and cheating of any kind and are dedicated to maintaining a fair environment on our server. This will serve as a final warning to others who are considering using the speed hack. If you are caught using it, you will be banned without question. There will be no kick warnings.

-Offending people. I understand that everybody can offend a friend or just to provoke someone or to call him unskilled. But we will not tolerate insulting people without any reason to it. Things can always be resolved by a simple talking to the person you're addressing, and does not have to end with an angry feeling. Of course there are times where people are angry and they insult others, but as you all know there are also some kind of people that insult for fun. A kick warning will follow.

-Spamming in chat window or spamming emotes while playing (making your teamates less focused - if they complain, the rules apply that you follow their complainment and stop that action).

-Killing teamates on purpose. With this action you take away the fun of other players on that server, making them less interested in the game.

-Killing too many of your own team and not apologizing.

-Suiciding so the person attacking you could not get a level.

-If you are afk (away from keyboard) for more than one whole map (by afk we mean you are not watching the events, you are simply taking a spot on the server) and if the server is full, you can get a kick for it because there are other people that want to get on the server at the precise moment, whereas you aren't. Of course if you go take a snack or anything like that, you can be back in 30 minutes or so. If you go eat lunch that might take about an hour, please do others a favor and leave the server for the time being. If you are afraid of losing your levels, don't be, because if you are not on the server less than 2 hours and a half, you do not lose your levels at all.

If there is any certain way that an [EYE] admin is not satisfied with your attitude or gameplay (8vs8, 6 mages in one team while the other has only 1 mage ... noone wants to swap a team) he has the permission to kick someone.

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23 Turalyon  
I know that Tiny ... but I've been having trouble explaining the reason why bunnyhopping is to be against the rules ... do you think I have the nerves to explain to every individual why mages can jump once only and other classes can do it multiple times?
But if you look at these things ... rules like that would be nice if they were made by settings changes, there's no way to do it for every person one by one ... specially if the rules are only on our main page and not on loading screen or somewhere else where everybody looks ... as far as I saw, only 30 people saw these rules, and I don't think only 30 different people play on the server.

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22 tiny  
In the UK Goods Vehicles can't go 70 mph on motorways they are limited to 56 mph max, but cars can go the full 70 mph. This is because lorry’s are heaver and more dangerous and require a greater stopping distance then cars.
This is what I’m saying about bhop mage i agree 1 jump limit (like lorys with the speed limit) and other classes should be allowed to bhop 2 or 3 jumps (like cars and speed limit).

England (EU directive) reinforces this rule with speed cameras that can see the difference between cars and lorry’s, speed traps and VOSA (the police that deal with goods vehicles, like admins on server).

My dad is a lorry driver so intern i know some ppl that r also lorry drives & none of them like this rule but because its enforced they have to follow that rule and a lot of ppl argue against this rule because on duel carriageways lorry can't do the max speed limit they have to go slower where cars can do the max speed. Because the rule is enforced by cameras and the cops have to follow it and a lot of ppl don't and get fined to date.

The government do not do (as I see it) what tur is doing. You have to have different rules for different situations whether you agree or not. You cannot have the same rules that govern building regulations, the same as those that govern unfair dismissal at work. The rules which are set down have to be fair and reasonable to all. Harmony comes to mind. They do not put 1 rule that affects all vehicles (classes) to make it easier for them and to have fewer arguments because that won’t be right or feir. For cars that have to go at 56 because of lorry’s (like mages and other classes using bhop).
This is why i agree to mage jumping 1s, they r more dangerous with bhop then other classes, but i do not agree with u that all the other classes can only jump 1s because of 1 classes. (like the law on cars & lorry’s) Just because it gives u less arguments to deal with dose not make it right.

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21 Virus  
I'm too lazy to read the whole story too... I won't interfear your argument :)... now as for me :

Bunnyhop: I use bunnyhop to quickly move to the place,when the enemy is very far... (camping, or stuck at base etc)... but I agree with Turalyon. I've seen so many good players do bunnyhopping... even Turalyon sometimes have a sweet advantage with bunnnyhop, and other good players. I have to admit I use bunnyhoping too, to get some kills when im out of luck. But I will forget it :) and only use it too get to the enemy as fast as possible. (if they are far away)

Bugs: Some bugs are really annoying and give a good advantage. Like the so called archer bug, switching between the arrows to shoot faster. It's REALLY annoying when a player as an archer is using the arrows as drill and normal. 1 shot with a drill and quickly one shot with a normal arrow and finnaly your eating dirt :p (if stance). And if someone is using lightning bug (mousewheel). I'm trying to say that,yes bugs should be forbidden.

Binds: As for binds, I don't know some good binds.. but if some binds are evul and give advantages, then by all means its forbidden.

Using hacks: Not allowed of course and ban will do nicely ;).

Offending people: Some teenager wankers are really some whiners. Though I'm a teenager too, but I don't think that offending people will do you anything good :<.

Spamming in chat menu or team messages: They are no problem for me, but spamming team messages can make some ppl's game lag and it will reduce those people's gameplay appetite. And about chat menu, yes it can interfear a chat or a important messeage, so that he have to say it again and blablabla.

Killing teammates on purpose: Everyone knows that killing teammates on purpose is a bad behaviour and has no spirit of teamplay :p or gameplay. I have to admit ^^, I kill some teammates on purpose (very few) to feed my "killhungryness". But not so many.. maybe a 1 or 2 in a life (just throw a fireball on my teammate when hes far away ^^) But I know this a bad behaviour,and I will try to stop it (I think I have ;).

Killing teammates and not apologizing: Very very bad attitude.

Suiciding so the person don't get a level: It's not a big problem though... the guy will get a level eventually. It's a rare thing that players can't get a level in one playtime.

This is "Inmyopinion" story. Feel free to comment or talk about something you didn't like here :).Or if I did something wrong here :p.

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20 Turalyon  
It's a nice opinion there Ateist, but let me explain it through my point of view.
-I said about key changes are always welcome ... I have nothing against that. People find a better way (to reach it faster) by changing it, and I never disagreed with it. I only said that when you use the bind like TheMufflon does, you bomb faster (try to compare Niki and Mufflon, Mufflon does it faster).
-About suiciding on purpose ... yes, you get the kill (when you try to kill level 8 person), but instead of getting 100 xp, you get 2 xp ... which doesn't really help you when you're level 1 ... just think about it when you try to fight on our trainings ... where people aren't that easy to kill ... and than someone suicides ... you'd be a level 1 mage (since mage with level 1 is the hardest class to kill with) for about 10 mintues, and they'd be a level 6 players there already, possibly even a mage on their team with it ... imo it isn't fair, is it?
-For bhops I won't explain myself the 4th time already ... you said you don't want to read the comments, well I think you should first. But, if you don't want to, think of it this way ... RB has bhops even increased, our server has them even decreased ... it's 1:1 ... rest of the servers have settings on default and no rules, enjoy there.

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19 Ateist  
Omg guys you write so much I hardly wanan read it T_T tongue anyways.. I'm only here to give my opinions about the rules or how they should be imho. I'm not here to agree with any1 or to disagree with any1 (though it might occur since I write my opinion)

First I just want to say that I understand Nikitson. I understand why his opinion is that the game should have no limits. Since in all other games there are none (no games that I know of at least) and its just a matter of learning how to play a game in order to become good at it.

As for b-hopping - Well.. I fully understand angry warriors who would have killed the archer jumping backwards if he hadn't jumped multiple times. Imho it should be allowed bhop, but only as long as you use it for travel only (exept travelling with flag ofc) and as long as its a battle between two ranged classes (like priest, archer and mage)

As for bindings. Changing the keys settings in options should be disallowed. Everybody can do it, and in any other MMORPG's everybody does it all the damn time. So if people wants to jump with m-wheel down then fine! if you want key 9 as F then why not? Everybody can do that so imho it shouldn't be disallowed.
Making binds like the lightning bind tura made is imho not allowed since not all knows how to make bindings with console or whatever tura did. As for bindings with text I dont mind. I have several of them and I know other players have too. As long as it's nothing offending I dont care =)

Not to kill teammates on purpose is a good rule though its also about morale. If I accidentally teamkill someone and he immediately slays me I call him fuckedhead and shoots him once afterwards since he didn't even give me a chance to say that I'm sry about it happening. Also if people dont say sry within my spawn time I slay him just before I spawn. That way he may say sry and then I say "thx, but pls say it faster next time and then I wont slay =)"

About the suiciding.. Well.. if he suicides after you've hit the guy, then you get the kill anyways. Same thing as if he fall out over the edge after you've hit him. If however he has little HP and he suicides without hurting you then I dont care. Overall my honest opinions is that it shouldn't be a rule, but a question about morale.

As for the bugs.. Nothing can annoy me more than that. angry Changing between arrows is so low/sad that the person must have no morale/dignity. Definately a good rule!

Spamming in the chat is also very disturbing. I really agree to the fact that it removes your focus from whatever you were doing. I can understand why someone wants help with flag and then makes the "Help me!" more than once if he is not getting help. But still, if he makes it more than 3-4 times then its annoying.

Also when offending people you really need a good reason. (like mine wink )
Also about having offending names. When you are asked to remove it and find something else then it should be done. But the guy should at least get a chance to change it first before being kicked. Also funny names like "His mom" (Which I used once) should be removed if people dont like it. E.g. in console "Turalyon killed His mom" xD Thats just funny tongue

About hacks. Not much to say. Ofc it's not to be allowed EVER! Though I dont think you should give a permanent ban immediately. Give him a days ban the first time, then maybe a week, and then permanent if he continues.

Not much more to say I guess.. Now you know my opinions and I hope you will agree to them happy If you got questions pls talk to me via steam.

steam ID: dragon_of_doom

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18 Turalyon  
Oh, one more thing.
The thing you wrote on your forum, Tiny, that you do not agree with me at all. Last night we had a little talk with Tiny, and we both came to the spot where we both agree ... mages must not be able to jump away more than once ... this is the part where I also agreed with Tiny that all other classes are not as deadly as a mage that can double jump or even more, so they should be allowed to do 2-3 jumps instead of only one.
That's true, that would be a balance ... but tell me, is there any way you can make it happen? No ...
This was the part where me and Tiny didn't agree. If I set the rule that mage classes can only jump once, and than other classes can jump 2-3 times ... where do we come, don't we do exactly what Niki is trying to say? Actually, yes.
The point is, even if all on the comment section would agree to this, and we set a rule, wouldn't there be more people on our server who would say why "nerf" only mages but allow other classes to stay the way they are ... in my opinion, people playing mages would find only disadvantage shown to them, and would complain about the rules, actually even more than just Niki and Tiny does. This rule cannot be set in motion, because each class having it's own rules is a bit hard to do (unless you change the settings to the whole game) ... and since we did not make the game, nor can we set a setting "Mage: 1 jump, Archers: 2 jumps", that's why I said, everybody is allowed one jump, without additional hopping ....
And I'm not saying that jumping (by pressing space) is not allowed ... try to watch Xana, she does jump around, but she does not do the "bhop 2" thingy ... that's why I allowed her jumping.

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17 Turalyon  
And now, when I've said all I wanted, I can take this comment section as closed (unless someone will write after me once again).
I know you try to prove the point that things are balanced without the rules, but you have to know that Ubisoft with coop with Steam does not have unlimited contract, and it wasn't given enough time to finish one game (just check the Steam main page and check how many games per day they publish and how many come from Ubisoft) ... the thing is that in their given time they did not have enough time to make the game fully balanced ... if you check World of Warcraft game, it's been out for 5 years or so, yet it is still considered unbalanced ... also, if you think of all the bugs in dm, you'd say their work isn't quite finished, is there? And as far as anyone can tell bugs > balance, and if they couldn't finish the bug repairs, there's no way to make the balance.
And I know what I'm talking about, I don't speak just some random stuff to benefit my thinking in this matter, but before I launched any of these things, I've put a lot of thinking and reasearch on ubisoft's scripts.

This way made rules have proven to stabalize all classes as they are, so even the weakest among the players can get a kill on one of the best players in the game, and also even the strongest of players will need to put in a lot of effort to kill a simple pack of enemies.

And I do not want to hear any of your fully emotional replies, Niki, because you're trying to prove a point that's been proven otherwise not just by me but almost everybody.

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16 Turalyon  
As far as I can see, I would say mages are ok now. True that a few spams with mage can be deadly (altho brainless) to everyone, yet all you need to do is avoid them and surprise him by your charging attacks. It was a nice idea there h@t3, but I think that reducing the damage for fire orbs only (altho it's only 30 damage) is good enough for a mage. He can still kill a last stand + stoneskinned with full hp warrior ...
Before it was like this: Every mage could kill a warrior like that (how? just throw 2 fire orbs blindly, because they are big enough to stick to you and you do 229 damage).
While now it is: If you want to kill a warrior I described, you have to use more than just 1 spell to kill him, but it's still doable (same as it's doable for a warrior to nuke down the mage).

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15 h@†3  
Ok Nikitson. It seems u like to offend everyone else who doesnt agree ur oppinion. At least >>>QUOTE: O well, guess I should be quiet here. Well im one of those guys, which rly fast annoyed by ppl killing him. But im not offending senseless! Thats what most ppl dont see. I just offend ppl when they slashed me instad of stanced, or bombed, camped and so on. There is much reason to get upset (for me). Guess I still need to remember that this is just a game. But srsly... my name is more then enougth to offend (with reason).<<< (READ CAREFULLY NIKITSON)

IMHO there could be some more expansions in the rulse. But I guess therefor the server wont work perfectly. At least the servers are worse in working with scipts. What I mean are spam-filters like in RB. Those are scripted once, by a update. Which cartefully have to be installed and could crash the whole server. (I ONCE TRIED -.-)
Well at least I think all those rulse can give a good base to form good and fair players.

One more thing. The Fire-Orb spell is weakend (same as on my server), but imho the skill could be completely deleted out out the game. Same like Chain-Lightning. I never saw someone using those spells without Tk`ing or without beeing overpowered. Same as for the Fireblast and Lightingorb. Actually the mage is allready UBER when u have full mana-regen, more mana and mastery (no matter which). There also is another point. I would change. As for each point of mastery as mage it would be good to bring up cooldown of fire-arrow and lightning1. Both spells are definatly favourised for mages which cant play with FB or LB. Called "spammers". And with that "change" you wouldnt have any usefull spam.

For example:
no Mastery -> Cooldown 0.2 (normal is allways 0.3) more easy for a mage but not overpowered
one Mastery -> Cooldown 0.4 (normal is still 0.3) more cooldown avoids spamming specially with 13+dmg
2 in mastery -> Cooldown 0.6 (normal is still 0.3) deals 17 and a lightning1, fully charged, 25 dmg...

This is a good way to avoid spammers. I know for guys who just started it might be hard. But guess everyone is able to learn. ^.^

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14 I R Fuzz  
I'm an old bhopper, so i know what advantage you get from doing so. If i had trouble in combat i could bhop away as assassin in cloak, and they would have no chance in pursuing me... Also bhop through brambles. Brambles was made so that priests could controle an enemy as she pleases within the area, if you bhop you get through it faster than you can run normaly, and you dont take any dmg from it... As for archers.. Just immagine a good bhopper bhop away with triple while shooting, there is no way an assassin can kill him, as for warrior they have a bigger chance in killing the archer, but if it's a skilled person.. Well gl in actualy killing the person....

As for bugging i think it's insane what some keybinds can do. Just mages shooting instant lightning with mwheel or some other bind is totaly out of hand.. If u do so, with let's just say mwheel. You switch between bolt and chain and it goes off like a freaking machinegun... As for assassin i dont know any bomb keybinds that gives so much advantage.. Guess i have never noticed.. I always used r=6 and t=8. than i just go r, click, t, click, click. But a bug i sure think is 1 of the worst is a resurrecting priest, switching teams. This is some of the most unfair and cheapass shit you can ever do... I don't wanna mension all the other bugs, since i see it as a waste of time. Turalyon already explained it pretty well.

Hacking, no comments.... It's the most annoying thing you can do. Ruining a perfect game with cheats and hax is just sad. This is a reason i find banable without warning.

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