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How many players should we have on our clanswarses on ctf maps?
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Duel Tournament [EYE] vs {KoD}
Date: 27th or 28th of September
Time: Yet unknown
Server: ----{KoD}
Map: clsm_circus
Mode: colosseum

Discussion for this Duel Tournament against {KoD} clan can be seen in [EYE] forum here and in {KoD} forum here.

Views: 670 | Added by: Turalyon | Date: 2008-09-17 | Comments (0)

Days of school have yet began again. Many of you will continue playing, many others will reduce usage of computer, and yet some will just quit using computer untill weekends and nearby vecations.

I do understand all the control of computer usage, because I will have some too. I won't push you that you have to play as much as you can, because I can't. Play when you wish, how long and please enjoy the moment. If there is any long-term of your absence, please notify me or post anywhere in the forum.

Our leader Dwarfbier will also be transfered to Spectator group, where he will observe us, read the news on forums and when he finds the time, play DM.

I wish you all good luck in school, work, and specially in your free time.

Views: 697 | Added by: Turalyon | Date: 2008-09-11 | Comments (0)

Clanwar [EYE] vs [HBD]
Date : September 5th, Friday
Time : 16:00 GMT
Server : RB Server
Mode: CTF 6 vs 6 all classes + 1
Map: CTF3

Views: 663 | Added by: Borbel | Date: 2008-09-04 | Comments (0)

I was thinking (well, even before, but this is the time I really want it to happen, and it will!!!) to make a Duel Tournament for EYE clan, so it will have some activities!!

I will make 3-5 different duel tournaments, where same classes will compete against each other...

I will post here 3 kinds of duel tournament I wish to see and who I wish to see in it.

(they play untill one of the competators reach 10 kills)

Results of duels can be seen here.

Warrior duel tournament:  vs 






-Torsten / Langelus

If someone who isn't on the list and wants a duel, post here.

Archer duel tournament:   vs 



-Hell Archer


If someone who isn't on the list and wants a duel, post here.

Assassin duel tournament:  vs 





If someone who isn't on the list and wants a duel, post here.

As I said above, that I will make 3-5 duel tournaments. Here on this site there are 3, other are posted in English forum here and here.

Views: 689 | Added by: Turalyon | Date: 2008-08-18 | Comments (0)

Clanwar [EYE] vs {KoD}
Date : 16th of August
Time : 17:00 GMT
Server : ------{KoD}
Map : CTF3
Mode : CTF 3 rounds, 20 minutes each, 8 vs 8

Discussion for this Clanwars against {KoD} clan is in [EYE] Forum and {KoD} Forum.

Clanwars finished, look in the result in the Clanwars. Summary here.

Views: 664 | Added by: Dwarfbier | Date: 2008-08-17 | Comments (0)

Clanwar [EYE] vs [EYE]
Date : 9th August
Time : 17:00 GMT
Server : |RB|(EYE host) server
Mode: CTF 5 vs 5
Map: ctf_3

Negotiations for this clanwars here.

The clanwars has ended, russian branch won 1:0, result is here.

Views: 590 | Added by: Turalyon | Date: 2008-08-09 | Comments (0)

Hi fellow EYE members.

-I am here to anounce that I am coming back to EYE. As you all well heard, I left EYE because of school and other things I needed to care about - and ofc it lasted longer than I thought it would.

I will try to lead EYE clan along with Dwarfbier as much as I know - toward EYE not falling appart.

-You all know that EYE clan is only DMoMM clan - so there came a thought, why not go to another game and make EYE clan new again (with bunch of new clanwarses, more trainings, etc.). That of course doesn't mean we're leaving DMoMM - it only means we're trying to keep EYE active.

At the moment, I won't say which game yet (because it's not yet published when it comes out). But when I get more details you all will be informed about it.

That's all for now.

Best regards, Turalyon.

Views: 582 | Added by: Turalyon | Date: 2008-07-25 | Comments (0)

Greetings EYE members,
The “Clan Chat” is now in active at your desire, you can find a small chat box on the left side of the main page (right under the survey block)

There is one more thing, after the last update of the UcoZ system, some of you might have problems with logging in, to the site. If you are “Internet Explorer” user, you can try to solve it by (CTRL-F5) refreshing.
Otherwise I hardly recommend you to change your browser, I’ve found that “Mozilla Firefox“ users have no problems at all with logging, besides I think that “Firefox” is the best internet browser at the moment. You can download it here and use it for free.


Views: 748 | Added by: Borbel | Date: 2008-07-10 | Comments (3)

Hi fellow EYE members.

After thinking about it quite some time, I came to conclusion about the Promotions for the International Branch people. Promoted guys are :      

-For beeing very active and a good friend, Tyranus is going to
  be Promoted to Officers.
-Also for beeing active, a good friend and for showing great skills,
  Maliniak_  is going to be Promoted to Officers as well.

-For trying his best Suicide is going to be Promoted  to Obers.
-After a duel with Tyranus (the result was 11 - 9, Kamizi lost) Kamizi is
   going to be Promoted to Obers as well, for showing great skills and
   standing on the same level as Tyranus.

-Going to be Promoted to Corporals are Langelus, Sicc, Bämlee and

If someone wants to discuss the matter of Promotions, you may contact me in Privat, that this won't create any problems between you guys, so we all stay good Friends.

Grats guys and Good Luck for the Future.

Views: 668 | Added by: Dwarfbier | Date: 2008-06-10 | Comments (2)


I want everyone to read the Training times for International Branch. There were very few guys at the last Trainings and it is not ok.
Please read about it or there will be some kind of punishment for those who never visit.

Views: 591 | Added by: Dwarfbier | Date: 2008-06-03 | Comments (0)

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