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Main » 2011 » January » 22 » [EYE] clan is reviving
[EYE] clan is reviving
2:21 PM

After a few months of our clan being inactive as a whole, I think it's time to make it alive again.

We will start small, with only a few chosen players and expand over time. I have also changed the requirements to join our clan (which can be viewed here). They have become quite strict and they might change once we grow a little larger.

After we gather enough people to form our official group, we will join ๖TG^ and [TSH] in their clanwarses, trainings and other fun stuff.

Any announcements on other forums, in-game and alike are helpful for us to get noticed once more.

Alongside me, Jilako and Bambam will help me create a fun, communicative, helpful and strong environment for all those who will join us in the following months.

Views: 1612 | Added by: Turalyon | Rating: 5.0/3
Total comments: 9
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9 Fuzz  
Everybody shall once again fear my name! Meh wth... Anyways, I will pwn nubs!

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8 Ateist  
Well spoken tiny ^^ Also the newbs on DM will finally learn what it is like being a pro player ^^ (Since I can't play atm :P )

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7 Dragonfighter  
FINALLY! biggrin

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6 Alnitak  
*happy* *checks if head is still in its right place*

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5 Kamizi  
I'm quite sure you're gonna be a problem during CWs to kill :P HEADS WILL ROLL!

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4 Turalyon  
Heads will roll means trouble - we are not troublemakers! smile

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3 Alnitak  
heads will roll for sure, very good news

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2 MightyMalcolm  
aggreed, approved, loved! <3
you will stand no chance, ofc. but nvm, we've all started small tongue biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin
good to have you back wink

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1 tiny  
About bloody time!!! biggrin

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