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How many players should we have on our clanswarses on ctf maps?
Total of answers: 134

At this time, our clan is considered as one of the old clans. The reason for such a label is that our clan is older than any other active clan at the moment. The clan was founded by Borbel and if it weren't for such a devoted leader as himself, our clan would surely be one of many that have died within a few months after rising.
[EYE] grew and became stronger every day, until it proved to be a good challenge for all the clans active at the time. From the very start there were just a handful of people who were running the clan, but later on Borbel created a separate branch, that was called International branch and he entrusted me, Turalyon, in leading it. Our clan became the biggest there was and it also inspired various different events inside the clan, such as clanwarses between the two branches.
After a while, the clan slowly started to disband and it started to have it's moments where we were lacking any kind of events until it actually reached the dark zone and became inactive for a few months. In early 2011 [EYE] clan began to rise again with just a few selected people and make it alive once more. Many rules were changed in hope to create a better community.

There are 6 different ranks which we use to arrange people and not all of them can be achieved by just anyone. They show us who is new to the clan, who is loyal to the clan and who is also a helpful and well mannered member.

- Junker is our lowest rank and is given to every new member. Seeing he hasn't been enough time in [EYE] for us to determine what kind of person/player he is, he is unable to participate in clanwarses and must earn a higher rank first.

- Corporal represents the second rank, that shows trust, honesty and most importantly, manners.

- Ober stands for our third rank and is usually the highest rank our members can achieve (excluding the exceptions). Being so, this rank has to be earned in a proper way, without asking about it, but actually earning it. Above all it shows your devotion to the clan, your good judgment and help. Seeing that Corporals are allowed to participate in clanwarses, Obers have priority over them. That does not mean they always have it, but when the decision for such an event is a hard one. In addition, once you reach Ober rank, you are also given admin rights for the [TSH]-๖TG^-[EYE] server. For now (until we settle), these admin rights will represent the very simple commands such as kick and ban from the server.

- Officer would be our fourth rank that is given to our most trusted members. It gives them the ability to make decisions about clanwarses and various events. In addition, this rank is able to receive the full admin rights that concern the server (but not the rcon commands).

- General is our fifth rank. There can only be 3 Generals, and they share the same influence as the leader does over the clan. They decide and arrange clanwarses and inside-clan events, and moderate the forums. Generals rank can never be earned, but is getting picked.

- Grandee is the last rank, that represents the leader of the clan.

There is also a Spectator rank, which is given to an inactive leader that checks up on the well being of the clan when he pleases.

For the moment, ranks can not get earned in any different way than getting them through time for being a loyal and well mannered member. Later on, we will add the ability to achieve certain ranks with different kinds of events.

Since everybody that makes an application for our clan is required to fill in the certain fields such as names, age, description et cetera, I think it's the most proper for us to do the same.

Rank: Grandee

Name (surname optional): Daniel

Nickname: Turalyon

Age: 20

Country, Hometown/Region: Slovenia, Ljubljana

Alternative nicknames: Lyvain, Nightwish

Something about yourself: My name is Daniel and I am currently visiting University for Math and Physics. My hobbies would be playing basketball, jogging, graphical editing, solving various problems, learning important things that involve a lot of thinking, et cetera. My religious views would say that I'm an Agnostic Atheist.

Rank: General

Name (surname optional): Sebastian

Nickname: Bambam

Age: 19

Country, Hometown/Region: Germany, Bavaria

Alternative nicknames: Nightingale

Something about yourself: I am currently visiting college, having Maths and Latin as intensive courses. I spend most of my free time gaming, going out and having a good workout every now and then. I love spending time in the Alps, mainly skiing and hiking in vacations. As for musics, I'm really open to pretty much everything and it changes every now and then, but right now it's mainly house i guess.

Rank: General

Name (surname optional): Romain

Nickname: Jilako

Age: 18

Country, Hometown/Region: France, near Nancy

Alternative nicknames:  Umisfil, Nertho, Deanot, oldly known as [EYE]Orc

Something about yourself:  I am for the moment in high school, doing my last year, in engineer's sciences. Then i will go to high school where I will learn programming. My hobbies are books (mainly fantasy), video games (this you could guess alone) and having fun with my brother.

Rank: General

Name (surname optional): N/A

Nickname: N/A

Age: N/A

Country, Hometown/Region: N/A

Alternative nicknames: N/A

Something about yourself: N/A

Rank: Officer

Name (surname optional): Sascha

Nickname: Dwarfbier

Age: 20

Country, Hometown/Region: Germany, Brandenburg

Alternative nicknames: 

Something about yourself: 
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